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We are a team of students from the University of Auckland, with goals to exceed expectations in a number of robotics related areas.

We compete in the University Division of the Vex Robotics Competition. We recently competed in the 2015 World Championship, where we won three of four World Champion titles and were runners up in the fourth one (the tournament). We are part of the Kiwibots contingent of New Zealand high school and university teams. An international competition with participants from China, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Egypt, and the US, the Vex Robotics Design Competition tests our understanding and ability to practically implement engineering concepts through a sports-inspired game.

We have also competed in the National Instruments Autonomous Robotics Competition (NI-ARC). A team of students representing the University travelled to Australia in September 2013. Featuring the use of the CompactRIO, NI-ARC requires robots to navigate a maze and complete a task fully autonomously.

We compete in the RoboNZ competition, as a platform for our members to develop and trial new sensors, processors, and algorithms.

We mentor high school robotics teams and volunteer at local competitions. We mentor several high school robotics teams in the VEX Robotics Competition, and help run the monthly scrimmages and national competitions. Additionally we volunteer at FIRST Lego League (FLL) competitions in the Auckland region.

For all enquiries, please contact us at info@aura.org.nz.

AURA’s Battlebots 2016 Application (6/26/2016)

As a competitive robotics club, AURA always gets asked “Do you building fighting robots??”. Usually the answer is no, however late last year we had the opportunity to design a Battlebot and apply to be on the rebooted ABC show.

The robot we designed, Mango is a ring spinner. Mango would have weighed 115kg, and the outer ring would have spun at 600rpm!

Unfortunately our application was rejected in the final stage of selection due to there being too many similar designs, so for the moment Mango is still only on paper. But we ended up with a lot of design experience, and some awesome looking renders!

We are already thinking about our 2017 submission and working on smaller scale combat robots, so we have exciting news regarding combat robotics to come soon.




Design Drawings

1. Mangō top view

2. Mangō – weapon mechanism


Robogals / AURA joint workshop (7/8/2015)


Thanks Robogals Auckland for inviting us to an awesome robotics workshop at Auckland Girls’ Grammar School. Lots of our members turned out to assist the Robogals, so the kids could have a great time learning with Lego Mindstorms robot kits.

Thank you to Robogals president Sweta and to our volunteers: Oliver, Jack, Jess, Barney, Ellen and Karan.

Check out the Robogals’ Facebook page here:

Auckland Kiwi Challenge season “Missile Mania” concludes (6/3/2015)

This weekend volunteers from AURA ran the 2015 Auckland Kiwi Challenge regional competition at Unitec Albany.

This was the final event of the Kiwi Challenge season, which included three other scrimmages (also run by AURA volunteers) over the last two months.

All 34 teams did well. These videos show the elimination matches:

AURA’s 2015 design notebook (5/5/2015)

We have now released our design notebook for the 2015 season. You can read it here:


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