Pinehurst Sports Expo

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Today was the second to last scrimmage in Auckland before Nationals. The event served as one of the last chances for practice for high school teams who are competing, but also for organisers and volunteers to make sure everything runs smoothly. With Nationals coming up very soon (1st, 2nd, and 3rd of March at the TelstraClear Pacific Events Center), all the teams are trying to make sure that their designs work, while volunteers practiced resetting fields and scoring via Android mobile phones.

Congratulations to Team 2915A (Lynfield College) who set a new driver skills score of 34, and to winners 2921A and B (Free Range Robotics) and 2915A (Lynfield College). Of course we can’t talk about the winning designs and strategies, but it is really interesting to see that every event, someone finds something new to try. The event was also open to the public to showcase Vex Robotics. AURA was awarded the Volunteering Award for this scrimmage. Many thanks to Kiwibots, and also to Massey University, who continue to put in a lot of work to make these events happen and able to be enjoyed by all high school students.

We wish everyone the best in their preparation towards Nationals, and hope to see the best that New Zealand can offer!