World Champs Results

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The Vex Robotics World Championships are over, and we’ve had a pretty hectic weekend (preceded by several months of hectic preparation work) – we will be doing a full write-up of the event later, but for now, here are the results achieved by New Zealand teams at the competition:

720P (aMax) – Semi-Finalist in the Science Division
2900A (Onehunga High School) – High School WORLD CHAMPIONS
2915A (Lynfield College) – Finalist in the Math Division
2915B (Lynfield College) – Division Champions in the Science Division
2915S (Lynfield College) – Quarter-Finalist in the Opportunity Division
2919A (Kristin School) – Quarter-Finalists in the Technology Division
2921 (Free Range Robotics) – Semi-Finalist in the Engineering Division
2931B (Pinehurst College) – Ranked 28th in the Spirit Division
2941A (Otumoetai College) – Division Champions in the Math Division
AURA (University of Auckland) – 2nd Place in the College Challenge
AURA2 (University of Auckland) – Round-of-16 in the College Challenge
MESS (Massey University) – Quarter-Finalists in the College Challenge

Science Division Amaze Award – 720p (aMax)
Engineering Division Sportsmanship Award – 2921 (Free Range Robotics)
Spirit Division Community Award – 2931B (Pinehurst College)
College Challenge Build Award – MESS (Massey University)
Online Challenge Website Award 2nd Place – 2919 (Kristin School)
Online Challenge Digital Prototyping (CAD) 1st Place – AURA (University of Auckland)

We had a great time at Worlds and it was awesome to see the fruits of a solid year’s worth of labour. We wish everyone the best of luck with the new season!