A Wild Dragon Appears!

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Dragon was one of the robots that we built for the 2012 Vex Robotics World Championships College Challenge, and played as part of the AURA team which placed 4th after qualifications and finished as the finalists.


Dragon competed in the isolation zone. Dragon is a unique robot that has a backwards six bar in order to get more height and forward reach as it lifts. The backwards six bar also helps the arm not to stick out so far when it is scoring in the 20” goals. Dragon is not ideal for high school competitions because it cannot score 11.5” goals or the far 20” goals, although it can score the 30” interaction goal from isolation. There is a descoring fork on the back of the ramp. Because isolation robots are purely isolated in college, not many motors are needed for pushing power. Dragon can hold up to 6 objects.

Drive: 4×393 4” drive wheels internally speed geared and 2×269 2.75” strafe wheels 24:15 (1.1:1 relative to 4” wheels)
Lift; 4×269 backwards six bar lift geared 1:7
Intake: 2×269 side sucker intake (18T sprockets)

Video of Dragon driving around the lab: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Qd2mQqr6vw
Videos of Dragon playing in matches at the World Champs: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0B00CF593F9116E9