2nd Kristin Invitational Scrimmage

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Kristin School hosted their 2nd invitational scrimmage for the Round-Up season yesterday, after the Pinehurst scrimmage was cancelled due to clashes with the Lower North Island Regionals in Palmerston North. While many teams declined the invitations, we had six robots competing from Lynfield Robotics, Lakebots (Westlake Girls), and K-Force (Kristin School). The scrimmage was run by AURA (Auckland University Robotics Association), with Vincent Ardern and Andrew Chen present.

It was a pretty exciting day, with all teams able to play 20 qualification matches rather than the usual 6 or 7. Some fierce competition quickly developed between 2915A (Lynfield A) and 2919B (Kristin B), both of which have already qualified for the World Championships in April. The final rankings left four teams very close together on points, as the teams formed three alliances for the elimination rounds.

2904A and 2919C formed the third alliance, and were unfortunately beaten by the second ranked alliance of 2915C and 2919A in the semi-finals. The first ranked alliance of 2915A and 2919B (which includes a current world champion team and an Auckland regional champion team), suffered a shock defeat to the second ranked alliance after losing two matches in a row, making 2915C (Lynfield C) and 2919A (Kristin A) the winners of the scrimmage.

The highlight of the day was definitely qualification match 29, where the teams posted a record score of 119-9, with 2915A and 2919B soundly trouncing 2919C and 2904A, in a match where most of the goals were owned by the red alliance and both of their robots were high-hanging off the ladder. All in all, it was a pretty good day for everyone, and the teams know what they have to do to get the robots ready and competitive before Nationals in March!

A results package will be posted up on the media page of this website soon.