Introduction to Assembly

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Assembly was one of the three robots we built for the Robot World Cup. It follows high school rules for Gateway 2011 and is fully legal.


Main Features:
Drive Train: 6-motor drive (1×393 2×269 on each side), 4:3 gear ratio
Lift: AURA 6-bar (1×393 each side), 1:5 gear ratio
Intake: Top Suckers (1×269 each side)

10 motors were used. Assembly reached up to 30″, and was able to reach over the fence to score in the opponent’s 20″ goal. Assembly played as an isolation robot, and was able to win both 20″ goals 3 times out of 5 during autonomous, as well as pick up object ready for driver control.

Assembly played in the Robot World Cup as part of the AURA/AURA2 alliance that finished third overall. Here are two videos demonstrating some of its capabilities:

Here are some videos of some of the matches that Assembly played in (it’s usually at the front because it’s playing isolation):