Introduction to Arthritis

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Arthritis was one of the robots that we built in the lead up to World Cup as a prototype idea, which was later dismantled in order to use the parts for the other robots.


Main Features:
Drive Train: 6-motor drive (1×393 2×269 on each side), 2:1 gear ratio, front wheels not driven
Lift: Single Pivot Arm (1×393 each side), 1:7 gear ratio
Intake: Tank Tread Intake (1×269 on each side)

10 motors were used in order to keep the robot high school legal. Arthritis was designed as an isolation robot, and was able to reach to the opponent’s 20″ over the fence. Usually goal nesting was required to reach the 30″ goal. The main reason for it being dismantled was that the tank tread intake found it difficult to pick up various objects of different sizes (the ball, and barrel in two orientations, each have different widths), and also because we needed the parts to build other robots.