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Strategy/Design Session

After our efforts at the mini-scrimmage at Massey on the weekend, we decided to have a proper design/strategy session to figure out what we’re going to do with our two… Read more »

Rotary Science Forum

Over th last week, the Rotary Science Forum, involving hundreds of year 12 and 13 students from around the country, have been visiting various universities around Auckland to get a… Read more »

Team Update

We adopted a new team structure, which means that we have two sub-teams (Bravo and Zulu) working on one robot each, along with a support team (Sierra) on the side. This… Read more »

End of January Update

As you can probably see from our photos, we’ve started building. In fact, we finished our first prototype in the space of a week, and have a fully functional robot… Read more »

Competitive Position Report

From AGM held 5/01/2011 We have entered into an agreement with the University of Auckland’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering which has allowed us to acquire the parts for… Read more »