Our Team

Our Goals

A) Provide a mechanism for competitive robotics at the University of Auckland.
B) Encourage students from all faculties to participate in robotics-related activities.
C) To act as a social organisation for like-minded robotics enthusiasts.
D) Support high school robotics teams through mentoring programs and hosting competitions.
E) Develop a foundation for research in robotics related fields at an undergraduate level.

List of Awards and Nominations

2017 VEX Robotics World Championships

  • World Champions
  • Third place Robot Skills

2016 RoboWars Australian Nationals

  • National Champions
  • National Runners-up

2016 VEX NZ Nationals

  • Mentor of the Year Award – Jack Barker

2015 VEX World Championships

  • Excellence Award
  • Robot Skills Champions
  • Programming Skills Champions
  • Tournament Finalists

2015 VEX NZ Nationals

  • University Volunteers of the Year Award
  • Volunteer of the Year Award – Nathan Allen
  • Mentor of the Year Award – Shane de Rijk

2013 VEX NZ Nationals

  • IET University Volunteers of the Year Award
  • Volunteer of the Year Award – Nathan Allen

2012 VEX World Championships

  • Autodesk Inventor Digital Prototyping Challenge (CAD), 1st Place
  • Tournament Finalists

2012 VEX NZ Nationals

  • Volunteer of the Year Award – Andrew Chen

2011 VEX Robotics World Cup

  • Bronze, 3rd Place

2011 VEX World Championships

  • Winner of Judges’ Award
  • 2nd Place after Qualification Rounds
  • Nominated for Excellence Award
  • Nominated for Amaze Award


“The session that AURA held in Room 27 last week was interesting, informative and memorable. The kids were engaged right from the start and the combination of different speakers, PowerPoint presentations, clips and hands-on experience kept the kids riveted. Thank you so much for coming in and giving my students such a wonderful learning experience. They are now very interested in our topic of Innovation and Exploration, and several have expressed keen interest in joining a robotics club in the future. I found the students who came to be very warm and easily approachable. They took the students questions and comments in stride and handled interesting answers with care and consideration for the student, and their enthusiasm was contagious. Overall the visit was highly successful and I would not hesitate to recommend it to another colleague. You left my kids buzzing!!”

– Rachel Cassidy, Blockhouse Bay Intermediate School

“The robotics session was fantastic! Our 7-year-old boy was fascinated by the different types of robots and has repeatedly talked about how amazing the day was since. AURA did a great job of making robotics understandable to the kids without dumbing it down too much – I think the presentation overall was pitched just right for the audience. Playing with the robots afterwards was the icing on the cake, so much fun! AURA will have certainly inspired a few budding robotics experts with a single afternoon of fun!”

– Explorers Club, Auckland Branch of the NZ Association for Gifted Children

“AURA changed my life – they introduced me to robotics and it changed my way of seeing the world. AURA is like a bunch of older siblings that I’ve always dreamed of having.”

– Ellen Luo, Team 2950 from St. Cuthbert’s College

“Your documentation was definitely helpful. Please keep writing stuff like this!”

– Team 2114a, 2014 Innovate Award winners

“AURA have been very helpful, especially concerning certain avoiding common mistakes and problems we would have otherwise have had to learn.(such as tank treads). Their assistance translated into better programming for the robot, and faster improvements in the overall quality due to their ability to identify potential problems. AURA helped me with the basics of programming and I would highly recommend them.””Everyone should ask for AURA’s help it’s been really useful.”

“AURA have helped us by giving us the ideas based on hidden goals in the games that we might have overlooked. They have helped us with robot designs and game play strategy.”

– Students, Team 2909 from ACG Parnell College

“We really appreciate the help; AURA are subject matter experts. Our team struggles with technical matters because none of our parents are engineers, so AURA fill an important gap. It is great to be able to discuss issues face to face.””Matt’s explanation on kiwi challenge and Skyrise were incredibly helpful. He’s given our team the background on the game and challenged the boys to view the game from a number of perspectives. Matt, Rob, Abigail, Nick, Oliver and Vincent have all come to build sessions and they’ve been fantastic at drawing solutions out of the boys without giving them the answer.”

– Parents, Team 2909 from ACG Parnell College


Chairperson – George Gillard
Treasurer – Harry Duncan
Competition Officer – Aaron Lamont
Sponsorship Officer – Roman Amor
Volunteers Officer – Parie Malhotra

Chairperson – George Gillard
Treasurer – Jack Barker
Competition Officer – Harry Duncan
Sponsorship Officer – Max Gruebner
Volunteers Officer – Jessica Chase

Chairperson – Jack Barker
Treasurer – Robert Sawrey
Competition Officer – George Gillard
Sponsorship Officer – Max Gruebner
Volunteers Officer – Jessica Chase

Chairperson – Robert Sawrey
Treasurer – Abigail Birkin-Hall
Competition Officer – Jack Barker
Fundraising Officer – Ellen Luo
Volunteers Officer – Lucas de Rijk

Chairperson – Abigail Birkin-Hall
Treasurer – Andrew Chen
Competition Officer – Oliver Wilson
Fundraising Officer – Michele Lee
Volunteers Officer – Robert Sawrey

Chairperson – Matthew Dyer
Treasurer – Andrew Chen
Competition Officer – Chris Stanton
Fundraising Officer – Giselle Keenleyside
Mentoring Officer – Abigail Birkin-Hall

Chairperson – Andrew Chen
Treasurer – Vincent Ardern
Competition Officer – Cameron Edwards
Fundraising Officer – Michele Lee
Mentoring Officer – Matthew Dyer

Chairperson – Andrew Chen
Vice-Chairperson – Ryan Kurte
Treasurer – Vincent Ardern
Build Officer – Chris Stanton
Programming Officer – Scott Goodhew
Mentoring Officer – Cameron Edwards


You can download our club’s governing constitution here.
Our minutes from our first AGM, held 5/01/2011, can be downloaded from here.
Our minutes from the 16/02/2011 SGM can be downloaded from here.
Our minutes from the 30/06/2011 SGM can be downloaded from here.
Our minutes from our second AGM, held 18/10/2011, can be downloaded from here.
Our minutes from our third AGM, held 11/10/2012, can be downloaded from here.
Our minutes from the 04/06/2013 SGM can be downloaded from here.
Our minutes from our fifth AGM, held 16/10/2014, can be downloaded from here.
Our minutes from our sixth AGM, held 6/10/2015 can be downloaded from here.
Our minutes from our seventh AGM, held 27/9/2016 can be downloaded from here.
Out minutes from our eighth AGM, held 25/9/2017 can be downloaded from here.
Our minutes from the 23/01/2018 SGM can be downloaded from here.
The code of conduct and safety materials for operating in the ECE labs is available here.
A high resolution version of our logo is available here.

Team Specialisation Breakdown

We have team members studying towards the following majors/specialisations at the University of Auckland:

  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Systems Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Engineering Science
  • Civil Engineering
  • First Year Engineering


  • BSc Computer Science
  • BSc Biomedical Science
  • BSc Environmental Science
  • BSc Chemistry
  • BE(Hons)/BCom Computer Systems/Innovation and Entrepreneurship/Marketing
  • BE(Hons)/BCom Mechatronics
  • BBIM Accounting/Information Management
  • BA/LLB
  • BA
  • MBChB (Medicine)
  • PhD

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